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Pre-seed Round: Belief capital to support Neufin’s mission

The two big challenges all companies face when they start fundraising is finding investors who believe in the mission and then ensuring they invest with the right mindset – keeping both the business and founders in mind. The first round is always the toughest (or so we think) and even more so – the journey to the first yes.

We’re excited to share that we have a wonderful set of investors joining us in our journey to build Neufin. Each of them has believed in both Rushil and I, and our mission to build the platform that powers the world’s transition to zero emissions.

Neufin's institutional investors
Neufin’s institutional investors

Our first yes came from Vaibhav Domkundwar @Better Capital, who believed in us before we had the faith in ourselves. Vaibhav excels at building conviction quickly (largely as a function of the hours he’s put in behind the scenes thinking about the problem space and market) and backing founders to the hilt post that. We experienced very much the same, his time to decision was quick and everything flowed smoothly post that. Vaibhav has applied a product and founder mindset to venture investing, making conversations with him easygoing, simple and most importantly – to the point.

Joining Better Capital in this round is Good Capital. Rohan, Arjun, and team are partners in the true sense – always thinking about the challenges we may face and opportunities available for us to leverage. They marry thought with action, regularly finding ways to add value through introductions, suggestions and being available to listen to any crazy idea we may have. We’ve really been able to count on them.

We are also lucky to have US-based fund – Time Zero Capital join the round. Dinesh invests heavily in climate and brings with him years of experience running and advising tech businesses.

We are thrilled that some of India’s leading angel investors have joined the round. To start with we’d like to thank Ashish Goel (CEO, Urban Ladder) who has become a mentor to us and actively advised us on key aspects of the business and fundraise. Joining Ashish are Jiten Gupta (Jupiter), Muthu Murugappan & Arun Venkatachalam (Murugappa Group), Shashank ND (Practo), Sumer Juneja & Sarthak Misra (Softbank Investment Advisors), Premanshu Singh (Fampay/PayTM), Lalit Keshre (Groww), Rohit Parakh (Touchstone Group), Ramesh Mangaleswaran (McKinsey) and Varun Vohra (Aknamed).

This fundraise will allow us to garner the right talent, resources, and velocity to build towards our goal of making Neufin the green financing platform of choice for every business. We are grateful for the support of all our investors and look forward to working with them on key matters.

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